Tuesday 10...

Tuesday Ten features 10 beautiful things I love, as you see food is my passion, my poor POOR jeans.

Cool cafes, I love to sit down drinking my machiato and people watch. I really miss my old times at "Coffee rush" in Arizona with my beautiful cousin Dalia.

Waling bare feet! My mother use to hate it and so does my husband but I can't help it. I'm cool like that... :P

Wood fire ovens, love the flavors they bring to food and best of all BREAD. My dream is to own a farm with a huge huge huge wood fire oven.

The color green, pastel green.

Iced coffee drink, not blended. So! Get that right next time Mr. Coffee Man.

Anything Japanese because maybe I should have been Japanese. lol

Moroccan decor, lovely vibrant colors.

Cupcakes! Do I really need to say why?

Awesome jeans make me feel young again, jeans and boots (not cowboy, Mmk) were the two things I didn't mind spending a fortune on in my younger skinnier days.

Road trips, and snacking on junk food during a road trip. :)


Noor said...

I love it all. I miss sitting in cafes as well. My friends I used to go to this lil one by our school I loved it. I ALWAYS tell my dh when we build a house I want a wood oven lol. barefoot ALWAYS...

Mine (post) is scheduled for 11 am I think lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh those 10 things are so lovely!!! :D Thanks for sharing!

Ap12 said...

cool post but starbucks- not sure as they support zionist.i am anti zionist. but great 10 things .!!

From Yeast to Zest said...

Ap12 everything is supported and owned by Israel now a days, so I really don't care.

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