A very productive day.


I sit here with aching feet patting myself "good job" on the back. Today was a very productive day that started at 7am and just now ended at 8:30pm. My son is finally going to start KG2 this year so I had to go meet his teacher and take a tour of the school. When I first seen the building I thought nice school but like most buildings here in the Kingdom it looked very private almost like a kiddie prison. Boy was I ever wrong the building on the outside looks as if the entire school is indoors but it's very lovely built with a huge courtyard in the center with a beautiful playground and everything else you find outside at recess (I haven't said that word in, O' say 20 plus years, GOSH I'm old) time in an American school. The staff was very kind and the entire school appeared to be staffed by locals, even the cleaning crew. The lady I spoke with lived in Canada and the US for quite some time and was so happy to see me there she even asked me to bring my School certificates for a job. I'm still somewhat attached (A LOT) to my son but at least I can put my mind at ease knowing that with God's will he's in good hands.

Time machine*

It's now 10am and my husband tells me we're having guest over for tea time, as my head begins to turn in circles (Exorcist style) the only thing that comes to mind is "It's time to get baking". I made a lovely nutty butter banana bread and an amazing knock your sox off apple baklava. In between baking I cleaned my entire home spotless and managed to put a nice veal and potato stew on the table by 2:30pm. The guest loved all my baked goodies which is always a good thing of course "and" I even made time to sneak out and take my neighbors kids their Eid gifts, FINALLY. The next 3 days will be just as busy with our short trip to a different city here in the Kingdom. If you took a look at the pictures above you're probably thinking to yourself "What the heck does this have to do with Jamie oliver and a Tangia?". Well, my dear Mother in law was so excited to see someone (A white person) making a traditional Tangia (will make a seperate tangia post later) on tv she sat watching my all time favorite chef for an entire hour. The theme was Moroccan and his dishes and recipes look very VERY authentic, this was probably the highlight of my Mother in laws week, so thank you very much Mr. Oliver and please don't get upset at me for placing your picture next to some old Moroccan clay pots.

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Noor said...

Oh mashAllah Salah is going to love school inshAllah. What will you do with the time? lol

LOl thats funny about your mil :p

The desserts look amazing mashAllah.

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