About 2 months ago a Woman contacted me asking if she could use my M'hanncha picture for a website and Iphone app, of course I said yes but with the holidays around the corner I completely forgot about it. Seeing a tiny little picture of my dessert on my phone really made my day. :) I love "Foodtography" and not just taking them myself but most of all I enjoy seeing food pictures by others with the same love for food and photography. May that love we have for food and pictures keep us in touch, always.



Noor said...

MashAllah I love that pastry picture I think green just photographs really well.

Someone also contacted me they used my old kabsa picture but I hate that one I wish it was my new one lol

From Yeast to Zest said...

SubhanAllah it's the same site, so yours should be on the Iphone aps as well. Cool beans! :P

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