Eid Ul-Fitr 2011

Eid Mubarak Saeed, I hope everyone had a great Eid filled with joy, blessings, and great food. Eid really caught me by surprise this year I knew the debate was on whether it would be on Tuesday the the 29th of Ramadan or Wednesday the 30th of Ramadan I was still not prepared for the holiday, when my husband called me to let me know the Eid would be on Tuesday and he would be picking the kids and I up in 1 hour to go stay at the hotel next to Masjid Al Nabawi, I thought he was insane. I was literally mixing royal icing and getting ready to decorate sugar cookies with my boys, I had a batch of hot luqaimat waiting to be dipped in syrup that was to be shared with my neighbors but all that had to quickly be put into containers and the rush was on to get the boys and myself ready for our Holiday celebrations. Thank God everything went smoothly, the drive was pretty hectic but that was expected in a very busy city full of people rushing to get things done as we were. The morning of Eid was very lovely I must say, the kids were well behaved during the morning prayers and throughout the busy day.

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Noor said...

I hope you had a good EId inshAllah.

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