Tuesday 10

Tuesday Ten features 10 beautiful things I love. If you want to play along go ahead and do one for yourself at your blog.

1. Urban Decay eyeshadow primers, love love love them.

2. Tea sets, I love tea sets but more so "CUTE" mugs, the mood I'm in really determines what mug/cup I will be having my coffee in or vise versa, sometimes a coffee served in a pretty cup may just brighten my day.

3. Angry birds, that game is awesome! Touch it, touch it. lol

4. Hello kitty, will anyone notice? I know I will. So cute!

5. A pink DSLR, if only I trusted someone to paint mine I would go for it.

6. Cupcake liners, I have quite the collection yet I find myself baking more cakes than anything.

7. Fossil ceramic watches, love this one.

8. Pant jumper suits, love them with vintage prints.

9. Vtech toys, love them for my boys.

10. Last but not least, Fekkai hair products because sometimes it cost just a little more to be beautiful. <3

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Noor said...

Did I write this LOl we have the same taste :p I love it all mashAllah.

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