Vietnamese coffee...

I've been a fan of this coffee for quite sometime, I'm always looking around for new tools to make it since the original tool called for in this recipe is nowhere to be found here in Saudi Arabia, most of the time I use the inner piece of my Italian percolator but I must say it take a while to drip into an individual cup. Below is an easy recipe I found online, give it a try but I must tell you IT'S STRONG.

 Not suitable for the young, elderly, pregnant, lactating, and or those who suffer from paranoia. 



Noor said...

I have always wanted to try this I made it once with condensed milk and nescafe it was gross lol. I never posted it bc the picture was with my old camera and ugly. This picture is so pretty mashAllah send me details how to make it please.

Yella you gonna be part of Saudi life?

Noor said...

Just found thss via another blog I bet you will like it.

From Yeast to Zest said...

This is what I already use since I don't have any Adobe programs, it's good better than nothing. I use to use picnik before.

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