Cake pops!

I'm crazy about cake pops and so are my kids, cute little sweetness on a stick. What more can one ask for? This weekend I'm planning on making a variaty of pops for a kids gathering, I just pray I don't eat most of them before they make it to the party. I don't think I'll be taking my time to make owl pops this time, seeing the kids just bite their heads off makes me want to scream "do you know how long it took me to decorate those?". I'm kepping it simple yet cute with some semi homemade and others made from scratch. The day is cloudy and windy making it hard for me to photograph the first batch of pops, but let me tell you. Chocolate chip cookies on a stick? Wow!

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Noor said...

they are super cute mashAllah you have more patience than me lol

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