Tuesday 10...

Here's a few items I love, items you will most likely always find in my pantry. I figured adding a Tuesday 10 wouldn't take up much of my time, I have been pretty busy these days with my family and haven't been able to snap any pictures of my food. No pictures sadly means no recipes for my Blog. :( I hope to soon get my Foodtography mOjO back, but for now here's my Tuesday 10. I have also been working on a Pantry list to someday add to my blog, so stay tuned.

Sasso olive oil, this is the first olive oil I have ever tried that trully taste freshly pressed. I strongly recomend it, especially if you like most Mediterranean people enjoy olive oil for breakfast with a nice loaf of bread, olives, and jam. It's the best.

Green peppercorns in brine, love to add them to pasta sauces, they go very well with farro cooked with tuna, olives, and tomatoes. You must try them.

Fig newtons, my boys and I just love them. My son wont touch a fig with a 10 yard stick, but he sure will shove a dozen of these in to time.

Pure vanilla paste, it's the best "and" it's alcohol free.

Italian Farro, also known as spelt. Who needs pasta, this stuff is amazing using any of your favorite pasta sauce.

Mexican oregano, the most fragrant herb I have ever smelled.

Mini weetabix, my absolute favorite cereal EVER.

Felchlin cocoa powder and chocolate morsels, the very best.

Spanish saffron, the gold of all spices.

Spinach!, of course these wont be found in my pantry but I love me some spinach. Toss them into biryani or pasta for a healthy very yummy twist to your ordinary meal.


Noor said...

I love them all mashAllah I would love to try that olive oil, peppercorns and vanilla paste. I LOVE farro as well I just got a recipe from BBC for farro and tomato soup. You should make some. YUMMY fig newtons and Talal is the same LOL.

Um Abdulkarim said...


OMG I am so mad at myself for not buying the vanilla paste. IT was amazing!!! I bought it while in the US this summer and left it there. I was packed to the max and it was on my mind the whole time. It is so much better than vanilla powder that you find here which is imitation vanilla anyways. I am thinking to try to order it online.... LOL

um almujahid said...

assalamu alaykum

Olio Sasso is one of the best in Italy mashaAllah!

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