Tuesday 10

I'm a bit late in the Middle East for my Tuesday 10 but just on time for my friends and family in AmeriKa. Here's a few very random things I like, love, or want.

A beautiful disposable cupcake stand, I never knew they even made them until a friend of mine posted pictures of one today. Love love LOVE it.

My very big California King bed, I can stay in it all day. Too bad I can't!

Dexter! OMG, I'm waiting to watch the new episode until Friday that way I wont have to wait and entire week in suspense for episode 2.

Long curly dark hair, just beautiful.

I'm in desperate need of good photography lighting, I stopped by this past weekend to check some out and well it's going to cost 1,999 Saudi Riyals which is about $500 bucks! Holly smokes...

I need a Maid, life would just be so much brighter. lol

A hot peppermint mocha and a long walk down Tempe town lake. :( I trully miss the USA in the winter months.

To see our new home in Ifran Morocco, a beautiful city you would never think existed in Morocco.

I love pancakes and I'm happy to say my recipe will be used at French bakery in Dammam Saudi Arabia. What can I say I'm a pancake pro, then again I'm American and what American isn't right? lol

Last but NOT least, Positive people. I hate people that walk with a black cloud over them playing victim to everything and everyone. Cheer up, DUDE!

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Noor said...

I love them all the last one made me lol I want to say that to a lot of people and well I usually do lol

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