My travels from East to West...West to East!

Please excuse me if I don't post any new recipes for the next week or two. I will be moving to the Gulf area and need to set up my new home before I bake away. My time in Morocco was lovely, I may have gained a few pounds but they sure were worth it. I have learned to make so many Moroccan dishes, some which you will see in the weeks to come. I intend to post the Middle Eastern recipes I haven't been able to make here, due to the lack of ingredients such as tahini, fillo dough, cardamom powder, and puff pastry. Hope you all will return for my Eastern recipes! :)

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Random Muslima said...

Assalaamu alaykum habibty!

I think in Marocco too the substitute for filo dough would be just the "warqa" they make at home and sell at the souq (actually I make it at home too even it's time consuming and requires a good pan), and puff pastry was always home made...

Anyway, happy cooking and safe traveling to you!

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