Easy peasy Dulce De Leche...

This recipe just cant get any easier, all though I was a bit scared at first to make it but thanks to my friend Noor who is still very much so alive (Thank God) and enjoying her Dulce De Leche. I decided to go ahead and make it. Why not right? I mean my can was 10 times bigger than hers and could have trully cause a massive explosion in my Mother in Laws kitchen. Lol! Hmmmm, I wonder if I would have still made it had it of been my kitchen. lol!

Step 1. Peel the papper off your can

Step 2. Place your can (or cans depending on what size cans you have) in a sauce pan that is at least twice as high as your can (or cans, lol).

Step 3. Fill the sauce pan with water, making sure the water goes at least 5 inches over your can.

Step 4. Set heat to low and cook for approximetly 2 1\2 hours. If you're using a large can which I highly doubt being that Spain is probably the only place to sell a 750g Can, you will have to add at least 30 to 45 minutes extra cooking time.

Step 5. turn off your stove, allow can to cool in water.

Step 6. with a knife punch a small whole on top of your can, Making sure all the pressure is out before you open the can (I wouldnt want you to leave me messages about how your face has been covered with the hottest yet sweetest thing you've ever tried). Open your can, transfer to a bowl and eat with apples, over ice cream, or between cookies. If you're like me, YOU can just eat it with your finger.

Oh so good, I will never again make this spread my scratch!

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