Dulce de Leche (Candies)

Dulce de leche is the caramel of Latin America and Spain. I grew up eating the spread like Dulce de Leche, but these candies are very deliciously sweet, milky, and taste alot like the sauce like Dulce de Leche. The ingredients are very simple but the process takes patience and a candy thermometer is a must have (unless you're a candy master lol).

Dulce De Leche candies

1 1/2 cup Evaporated milk
1/2 Cup water
2 Cup Sugar
1 cinnamon stick (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a Med size heavy duty pan, on low heat stir for approx 30min or until you reach a 240* temp. The mix can burn in a split second, so you must stir it constantly until you reach a 240* temp with your candy thermometer. After the temp has been reached immediately remove from heat and continue to stir until the mix cools down a bit and lightens in color. After the mix has been cooled you can either roll the mix into pecan size balls and flatten with a pattern of your choice or you can use a pastry bag and make small flowers.

This recipe takes patience.....

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