Tortas de aceite...

This is "the" one snack I make frequently in my home but never quite measure my ingredients, sometimes I make them out of leftover pizza dough and other times I dedicate a dough entirely for them. I have been telling myself for a few yrs now that "I will" write down my recipe but sadly I haven't just yet. I've come across so many recipes online, all which stack the tortas O' so nicely in their pictures but the ones I've eaten all my life are never perfect in fact they're deliciously "ugly", so never be fooled by beautiful pictures when it comes to "Tortas de aceite".

The Torta de Aceite, is a light, crisp and flaky Sevillian sweet biscuit in the shape of a torta, the Spanish flatbread. Tortas de aceite have been made for over 100 years in the Seville region.
The main ingredients are wheat flour, olive oil, almonds, sugar, sesame seeds, anise seeds and anise flavor.


Anonymous said...

Oh man that looks good please write the recipe down so I can make it.

Asmaa said...

Yes do write down your recipe, tut tut lol

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