Pictures are driving me Mad....

That's right! I have so many recipes I want to share with you all but Photoshop is driving me crazy these days and to top it off I don't have much time on my hands. My son started school last week and that means "I" have to get up at 5:45am, get ready and get him ready and fed by 6:45am! Because of the hot summers and prayer times school here starts at 7am, I know right. Agh! Anyhoo, if I'm in better spirits I will add my recipes in the coming days. The picture above was taken in the City of Mecca here in Saudi Arabia, since taking pictures is prohibited I was only able to take pictures of the pillars.

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Noor said...

I have been so busy as well so forgive me for not getting to the index. I have a list of a million things.The wedding and other things has made us run around non-stop woo. Its like life comes all at once.

So how does Salah like school? I am sure he loves it so much but not getting up early lol.

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