Ramadan Mubarak... *)

Happy Ramadan to all my brothers and sisters in Islam. May this Ramadan brighten our life, soften our hearts, and strengthen our Iman. I thank Allah Subhana Wa Taala for being here in the Holly city of Madinah and for living yet another Ramadan inshAllah. May he forgive us All for our sins and accept our daily fast. Please stop by for my Ramadan dishes, from my daily fasting to a night feasting. I have been having internet problems since my return from our US vacation but rest asure I have loads of recipes waiting to share with you all. Above is a picture I took of Masjid Al Nabawi, the view was from my hotel room. Trully blessed, Alhamdullilah. To liven things up a bit this Ramadan and to make up for my absence I will try to make a post a day, it doesn't have to be a recipe, it can be about anything from sharing a picture of my iftar to sharing a powerful quote I have read that day on the Holly Qur'an.

3 names of Allah a day.

1. Ar-Rahman, The exceedingly Compassionate.
2. Ar-Rahim, The exceedingly Merciful
3. Al-Malik, The King

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