Healthy "Low fat" alfredo sauce.

Boy do I love anything cheesy but since I'm trying to watch what I eat these days (lol my previous entry wasn't so healthy, now was it.) I've been cooking light for about a month now. This doesn't mean I'm eating food that taste like "Nothing" no sir, not I. I'm just making the same dishes with less calories. This Alfredo sauce is so yummy and guilt free. I ate it over thin zucchni strips and about 10 strands of fettuccine pasta topped with grilled chicken breast.


1 teaspoon butter

2 teaspoons olive oil

2 garlic cloves (minced)

1 1/2 cups low fat or fat free milk

1 tablespoon flour

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

Pinch of nutmeg (optional)

In a heavy duty saucepan over medium low heat combine your oil, butter, and garlic and heat until the butter is melted. Add your flour and and cook, stirring for approximately 1 minute. Whisk in your milk, salt, pepper, and nutmeg and cook (whisking constantly) until the mix thickens and comes to a light boil. Add your parmesan cheese and whisk to combine. Cook for 3 minutes and remove from heat. Serve over or toss with cooked pasta.


Noor said...

The zucchini is a great choice masshAllah I know I would love this dish.

umm ahmed said...

Looks delish Mashallah

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