Fillo wrapped dates...

This is more of a neat idea than it is a recipe since I don't have the exact amounts. The dates you choose in this recipe is really up to you but just make sure you're using soft dates when making these rolls. The technique is the same used for the baklava rolls. When cutting the strips make sure each strip is approximately 10 inches in length and the width is wide enough to fold in each side to enclose the date. Medjool dates are the most common dates found in the USA and Europe and will work really good in this recipe. The dates I use were Sekkeri dates which are smaller in size than Medjool dates. To fancy these up you can give them a quick dip in simple syrup or clear honey and roll them in chopped toasted nuts.

Fillo dough sheets
Melted butter
Soft dates

Follow the same direction listed on my Baklava rolls recipe.

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